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Carnelian Crystal Pendant

Carnelian Crystal Pendant

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Embody Courage and Create with Confidence

Carnelian brings harmony, balance & stability to the creator. Carrying it is thought to be an aid for prosperity. The crystal resonates with joy and brings good luck, creativity, and healing energies.

Carnelian vibes help to validate your perceptions and encourage you to trust in yourself, providing beams of self-confidence.

This stone inspires a harmonious flow of energy. Much like the rings on a tree, the banding on the stone indicates a natural cycle of energy within the stone.

Carnelian crystals give off creative, encouraging vibes, making them an incredible gift.
  • Vibe: Grounding, Creativity, Confidence
  • Zodiac: Cancer & Leo
  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Material: Natural Carnelian Quartz Crystal
  • Size: 32mm (1.25in)
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