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Working with Crystals: Selection & Preparation

Not everybody sees positive results when they use alternative healing methods, and in our case that is largely due to how they handle their crystals.

To ensure that you get your desired results, we recommend that you intentionally choose, cleanse, and charge crystals so that you can program them for optimal use.

Crystal Guide: Effective Cleansing & Charging for Beginners
      1. Select carefully – Choosing your crystals involves trusting your instincts. Crystals are all natural and will be effective in any shape or size. Choose what is comfortable and appealing to you.
      2. Cleanse crystals Once cleansed, crystals are restored to their original energetic vibration. Cleansing can be done by sound, smudging, with water, or by other crystals. Make sure that you cleanse any crystals that others have held to keep them programmed to work with your energy.
      3. Charge crystals – Allow your crystals to receive immense energy from bathing in moonlight and sunlight, or can effectively be charged through other crystals, like Selenite. Regenerate and energize your crystals this way anytime you want, but know that the more your crystals are energized, the more effective they will be.
All Charged Up: Next Steps
Once you have cleansed and charged your crystals, they are ready to be put to work! Some other things to consider at this time include:
  • Dedicating crystals – Once you have determined what you will use your crystal for, dedicate it to that cause. For instance, you may dedicate some Rose Quartz to work on opening your heart to boost compassion and bring more love into your life. Once dedicated, your crystals will begin to align with your energies and empower your intentions to manifest.

  • Attach your energy Attaching with a crystal is akin to becoming friends. Through making a great connection with your crystals, you can amplify positive vibrations and get better results.

  • Care for crystals – Keep your crystals protected by placing them in a pouch, or special bag. Treat them with respect, as sacred tools for your spiritual journey.

  • Use crystals Depending on your intentions, crystals can be used for mental, emotional, or physical problems. Crystals enhance your overall well-being and health. Crystals can even be used to treat your pets and plants, as they provide energy universally to any being in their environment. 

Other considerations on preparing crystals:

Programming crystals is essential for their use. Intention and focus are the two of the most crucial things to consider when programming crystals. These include healing, activation of chakras, cleansing, and protection.

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