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Using Crystals to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency: A Beginner’s Guide

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Offering resplendent beauty and healing properties, crystals are a captivating natural wonder that have been utilized by humans for thousands of years. Historically, crystals were referenced by the Ancient Sumerians who included them in their magic formulas. Ancient Egyptians utilized crystals for healing and protection. Crystals play a sacred role in many religions due to their healing properties and abilities to aid in awakening and igniting higher levels of consciousness.

What I love about using crystals is how simple it is to implement this natural wonder into your life. Some of my favorite ways to use crystals are as simple as keeping a stone in my pocket, or making a physical connection with my crystal while I meditate. No matter how you utilize these gorgeous stones, they will deliver a vibrational boost and promote your spiritual growth.

When it comes to your personal spiritual journey, meditation is an incredible way to connect with the energetic vibration of crystals. Holding a crystal while you dive inward helps you to connect with your higher self. Crystals can give us clarity, taking the noise away and helping us to really hear our inner voice. You can also place crystals on your chakras or within an energy grid while you meditate, surrounding yourself in their magical energy.

Of course, another great way to turn up the vibe with crystals is through Magick. Used in rituals and spells for a variety of purposes, crystals can bring their natural energy to aid in absorbing unwanted energies, providing protections, and even help us to manifest. Try adding crystals to your altar, or including them when casting spells and performing rituals.

To give you more contact and a closer connection, keep a crystal with you. I find that keeping a crystal in my pocket gives me an opportunity to stop and focus my attention on my intentions and aligning myself with the energy of my desires. Sitting in your pocket or bag, throughout the day, you will find yourself more aware of your crystal and its energy. The more aware of your crystal’s energy you are, the more you will be able to harness the goodness it provides!

My very favorite way to use crystals is when I am manifesting. Crystals support our connection to the Universe and create a vibrational alignment with our desires. Because of their unique vibrations, each natural stone will boost your ability to tune your vibe in its own way. Make sure you have the right crystal for your goal to manifest all your heart desires, and relish in abundance and creativity. Crystals are an awesome way to support setting your intentions, goals and vision when practicing the Law of Attraction.

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