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How Crystal Healing Can Boost Your Health

Though most people are familiar with crystals, some are not aware of their healing power. Get all the info you need here.

Crystals are solid materials that are arranged in a sequential pattern in a three spatial dimensions. Large crystals are often recognized through their macroscopic geometrical style with flat faces and unique characteristics.

The main principle behind crystal healing is that cellular degeneration takes place when there is a blockage in the flow of divine energy within a person. This divine energy is believed by most healers as the main source of universal creation, also called source energy.

Crystal Therapy is a prehistoric art where stones, crystals and gems are laid on the body over the chakra points. There are seven fundamental energy centers, or chakras, in the human body. Every chakra resonates to a certain color, and the energy flowing through your chakras comes into alignment with one another, causing a boost of healing energy to flow through your body.

Crystals bring light and color to your overall aura and physical body through the chakra system and subtle body layers. They are also used in a certain grid pattern of sacred geometry. These grids generate pillars of light exposing the body to multi-dimensional understanding and awareness.

With the proper understanding of the power of these natural resources, crystal healing can dramatically change your life.

Crystals can be used to treat mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain. By directing the energy flow to and through the body, crystals balance the flow of energy. Generally, they are used to purify the person from bad energy that is believed to cause their negative experience.

Healing with Crystals

You can use crystals in a variety of ways, but to get the best benefit try wearing crystals, holding them, or carrying them with you in your pocket. This type of healing can balance your entire being, helping to soothe anxiety and create a clear mind that is ready to focus, create, and be a positive force for good.

How do Crystals Work?

People have used magickal stones, gems, wands, and amulets throughout history. Healers claim that this crystal treatment really works, but there is no specific scientific evidence to prove its real healing power.

Most crystal healers use clear quartz due to its sparking clarity and shape. However, since chakras have distinct colors related to every area, they may place a certain color of gems or crystals on the same color chakras.

These gemstones have super charged high vibration frequencies that are shaped to stimulate your energy field. Crystals are powerful tools to realign or amplify your energetic vibrational energy.

While bursting through energetic blockages with a natural resource to improve your life experience with crystals is absolutely possible, we don't think you should cancel your appointment with your therapist just yet. You see, crystal healing is an alternative medicine, meaning there is not a ton of scientific research around this. We recommend that crystals become something that you can integrate in your life in conjunction with the resources that work best for you.

While you follow your healthcare practitioner or doctor’s advice, you can also explore and learn from alternative and natural medicinal solutions, like crystal healing, to create the life experience that is in alignment with your highest self. Healing your mind and body is all about balance.

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