Crystal Elixir Water

Crystal Elixir Water

Charging Water with Crystals

Crystal infused water, also called Crystal Elixir, is water that has undergone a molecular structural transformation through direct exposure to energy.

Enhance your hydration routine with cosmic crystal energy.

Water has a memory and is thought to be conscious, responding in surprising ways when it is exposed to energy. Water is an essential part of all life that can be transformed by the frequencies that are directed at it, making it a part of your daily routine that you can infuse with healing and positive energy.

Enhance your hydration routine with cosmic crystal energy.


Our thoughts and feelings create our realities, and water can literally sense our vibe and energy. When water is exposed to energy, sounds, thoughts, or even written words, it will alter its molecular structure. It even has memory, so whatever vibes your water has absorbed become part of the water's structure.


Crystals emit their own unique frequencies that we use in technology throughout our world, from computers to watches because of their conductive properties. The frequency of the energy emitted by a crystal affects the water that is exposed to these energies.


The structured water molecules in crystal-infused water support healing and will help you to vibe higher. Drinking crystal-infused water cleanses your body of negative stagnant energies, increases your vitality, improves the quality of your sleep, boosts your immune system, detoxifies your body, and improves focus. 


Putting crystals in your water will energize it, creating a molecular structure that amplifies the water's frequency. Crystal water can amplify our spirituality and healing abilities. Enhance your meditation practice with an elixir for the body and mind. Crystal water bottles make it easy to amplify our water to its highest vibration by transforming the molecular structure to promote positivity, vitality, and purification.


Use crystals to infuse your water with energies to raise your vibration and infuse your spiritual journey with positive energy.


Crystal-infused water bottles are a great way to enhance your spiritual journey and infuse your water with positivity.  


We are what we eat, so why limit your conscious consumption to good food? Drinking high-quality water can enhance your ability to work with crystal energy and infuse your journey with high vibe frequencies.


Crystals make a fantastic addition to moon water and will amplify your intentions working in witchcraft, rituals, divination, tarot, magick, manifestation, meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual practice that you pursue.

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